Based in Stockholm, Moum Design was founded in 2016 with the simple idea that new technologies require new ways of working. More than ever before, it has become crucial for design agencies to have the technical competency to solve the increasingly complex challenges of our time.

This is why we approach the world through Experience Design (XD), a multidisciplinary framework for problem solving. Bringing together years of expertise in architectural lighting design, product development, and engineering, we have a unique capability to create innovative experiences that delight our end users.

Measuring light levels in an office, October 2017.    

Measuring light levels in an office, October 2017.   

Åsa Moum

I am an experience designer and engineer. I started out with an interest in designing luminaries, delved into learning about control systems, and now focus on creating experiences using light—at the intersection of design, engineering, and psychology.

I have completed studies for a Master in Architectural Lighting Design at the School of Architecture, KTH Swedish Royal Institute of TechnologyI hold a B.A. with distinction in Psychology from Stockholm University, researching the effects of blue light on health and performance. I also hold an M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering from KTH Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.

Previously I led teams of mechanical engineers and industrial designers at Huawei, working both in Stockholm, Sweden and Shenzhen, China.

Anna Tomschik

Anna holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Vienna University of Technology, as well as a Master’s degree in Lighting Design from KTH in Stockholm. She has a deep technical knowledge combined with talent for design and was selected as top 40 under 40 most influential lighting designers by Lighting Magazine 2017. Her design Henyx has been awarded with L A M P in 2016 and LitDesign Award 2018. Anna has a background from Light Bureau in London and ÅF Lighting in Stockholm.